New Volunteer Instructions

Volunteering with Substantial Contact with Children

1. Please review all instructions before registering with VIRTUS Online. To register, visit First-Time Volunteer Registration Link . 

2. Provide all the information requested on the screen. These Fields include: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Home Address, City, State, Zip, Phone Number, and Date of Birth. Click Continue to proceed. (Please note: Do not click the back button or registration will be lost.)

3. Select the Primary location where you work or volunteer by clicking the downward arrow and highlighting the location. For School, select "Sacred Heart Glyndon School (Glyndon)".

4. Your selected location(s) will be listed on-screen. Select YES to add additional locations. Follow previous instruction add another location. If list of locations is complete, select NO.

5. Select the role "Volunteer with Substantial Contact with Children" that you serve within the Archdiocese of Baltimore and/or parish/school. Use the listed descriptions to determine the appropriate role to select.) Please check all that apply. Click continue to proceed.

6. You will then answer the following questions:

  • Are you employed full or part time by the Archdiocese of Baltimore or any of its churches or schools? (Yes/No)
  • A driving record check is required for Church Personnel at a Covered Entity when driving others is an explicit requirement of their employment or volunteer duties or operating a vehicle owned or leased by a Covered Entity and/or Archdiocese. Do you require a driving record check as part of your service to the Archdiocese of Baltimore? (Yes/No)

Click Continue to proceed.

7. Answer the following three questions:

  • Have you ever had your volunteer services or employment terminated by any parish, school, or institution? (Yes/No)
  • Have you been terminated from volunteer service or employment due to suspected child abuse? (Yes/No)
  • Have you ever been accused of physically, sexually, or emotionally abusing a child, or have you ever been accused of neglecting a child? (Yes/No)

Click Continue to proceed.

8. You will then be asked to review the following document in .pdf format: Code of Conduct for Church Personnel of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and A Statement of Policy for the Protection of Children and Youth. To proceed, confirm by clicking "I hereby represent that I have downloaded, read and understand the documents," and enter your full name and today's date. Click Continue to proceed.

9. Answer the 10 questions pertaining to what you have read. If you answer correctly, you will be directed to proceed to the next section.

10. Please submit three references by entering all required information. Click Save to continue.

11. Select the online session you wish to complete (English/Spanish). Click Complete Registration to continue.

12. Click Complete ESR Background Check to be directed to the ESR background check secure website. Complete all background check steps - to do so you will need your Social Security Number, current and all prior full residential addresses for the past seven years where you lived, worked, or studied. Once you submit your consent form in ESR, you will proceed to enter your information for the background screening. When you have successfully completed and submitted all information, close the screen, and go back to VIRTUS to complete training.

13. Click on the green circle to begin the next training module - "Protecting God's Children...3.2 Baltimore."

If you have additional questions about VIRTUS Online training, please contact the VIRTUS Help Desk at 1-888-847-8870. 

If you have questions regarding your background check submission, please contact the Office of Child and Youth Protection at the Archdiocese of Baltimore at 410-547-5348.

You may also reach out to Mrs. Helen Smith, Records Manager and Volunteer Screening Coordinator at Sacred Heart Parish & School of Glyndon by phone at 410-833-0857 or by email at