Inclement Weather Policy

In case of inclement weather, a closing, or delay, Sacred Heart School of Glyndon will inform families of the closing or delay via the SwiftReach Swift K-12 informational alert system by email and text. Families will be notified by 6:30am the morning of the school's closing or delayed opening. This includes but is not limited to, extreme rain and/or hurricane, snow, or other inclement weather affecting roadways and surface conditions. We will not rely on Baltimore County Public Schools to make that call for us at this time.

Sacred Heart School of Glyndon has been a fully air-conditioned facility since 2014. For this reason, we do not follow Baltimore County for closures due to excessive heat. 

If something happens to disrupt our air-conditioning systems the School would determine the need for closing at the discretion of the Principal. Once again, parents would be notified using the SwiftReach Swift K-12 information system.