Student Life

Student Life

In a typical year, students are encouraged to participate in projects and programs that benefit our community. Sacred Heart offers several opportunities for students to become involved in: 

Athletics - 

Sacred Heart of Glyndon is a parish school. And so we partner with our parish for many of our activities. Our sports programs are therefore run directly by the parish rather than the school.

A majority of our students participate in our parish sports programs, especially for Grades 3-8. Many children (who are parishioners, but not enrolled in the school) join our students, strengthening the overall Sacred Heart community as well. The parish offers soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter.

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parish sports programs

Arts & Music - 

All students are encouraged to pursue their passions for the arts while attending The Sacred Heart School of Glyndon. While all students participate in art and music classes, the drama department incorporates the many talents of our Middle School Students. Learn more by visiting the Arts & Music page.

Clubs & Activities - 

With eight clubs and over twenty-two activities to choose from, there is plenty to do at The Sacred Heart School of Glyndon. Discover the endless possibilities of our extra-curricular programs by visiting the Clubs & Activities page.

Positive School Environment

To foster a positive school environment where all students are educated in a safe and caring atmosphere, all Archdiocesan schools will follow established procedures for prevention and intervention for bullying, harassment or intimidation.

Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS) has been implemented in every Archdiocesan elementary and high school to enhance academic and social behavior outcomes for all students.