November 2014

To Our Sacred Heart Community,

            This November, as we contemplate the approach of both Thanksgiving and Advent, we are encouraged to reflect on gratitude. What am I grateful for? What are the things that truly have value in my life, and how do I express that gratitude? These are questions we all need to reflect on regularly, but especially in this important season of gratitude and joy. 

            Like all of you, I am grateful for God, for Christ’s sacrifice for our redemption, and for my family first and foremost. Here on campus though, I am grateful for so many things. I am grateful for a compelling and relevant mission that guides us: academic excellence, faith formation, and service to others… giving witness to the message of Jesus Christ. I am grateful for our faculty and staff who choose to be joy-filled and energetic, always giving of themselves to our students and families. I am grateful to our students, who are engaged, eager to learn, faith filled, and kind. I have loved talking with them and getting to know them during morning drop off, their classes, at lunch, at recess, clubs, and at afternoon pick-up. I am grateful for our parents. Your unwavering support of our school defines a community focused on Christ. I am grateful for the dynamic, faith-filled leaders on our School Board, whose knowledge, insight, and passion for our community ensure our present and sustained growth. I am grateful that this is God’s school, and that His Holy Spirit fills these halls and guides our teaching and learning.

            In this season, I often think of what we take for granted as well. To me, this means losing or missing the value of something or someone that in truth has tremendous value. It is so easy for us to do this, in our materialistic culture, with any number of goods or possessions. I am proud that our community never takes relationships for granted. Teachers and staff value their students and our parents, and vice versa. This season though calls us to look at our relationships and what we already possess with renewed gratitude. Let us celebrate our spouses, our parents, our children, our teachers, our staff, and all those in our lives with renewed joy and deliberately thank them for what they do for us, how they help to shape us and give us lives of real and lasting love and purpose.

            I am called here to serve all of you in our community, and I value that calling. Yet you all do so much to serve our community that I often feel it is the other way around. What a tremendous blessing. Thank you faculty and staff for your choice, for your calling to grow the Kingdom here. Thank you students for taking your learning seriously, for having fun along the way, and for being joyful. Thank you parents for your faith, your volunteerism, for your openness, and for your joy. Thank you to our Board for your inspiring leadership. God has given us so much. This season, may He give us eyes to see that goodness.  


God bless you all,

Zachary S. Coyle



Our Mission 

 Sacred Heart School is a co-educational Catholic parish school dedicated to academic excellence, faith formation and service to others. We are a faith community committed to teaching the word of God and to giving witness to the message of Jesus Christ.

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