To the Class of 2022

To our SHG graduating class of 2022,

Congratulations! This is your first step in many celebrations. Graduation from high school, college, work, and family.

Tonight, as you receive your diploma, you begin a new journey. A journey of new friends, new activities, new challenges, new triumphs. I know you will navigate all of these because you have been given a strong foundation. You are Sacred Heart Strong. You have been guided by your family and school and strengthened by your faith. There will be trials, setbacks, and some sadness as you grow. Never forget your faith, pray often, talk to God in good and bad times. He is always there.

I would like you to know that I am very proud of all your accomplishments. It fills me with pride to say I am the principal of Sacred Heart School. YOU have provided that pride. I do wish I had another year or more with your class. Seeing who you have become, I know you will change the world as children of Christ.

Do not be afraid to explore, challenge and make changes. Don’t be afraid to fail, we all learn from failure. Keep learning, Work to be independent in all you do. I am in awe of the potential of all your talents. Become the leaders we know you can and will be. Be honest, be fair, be kind. Give service to others and protect the weak whenever you can.

Define who you are and never let anyone change you, reach high and set goals for yourself. Remember to be flexible but hold strong to your convictions. Prepare for success and know that some failure will not deter you from your goals.

You are now alumni and part of a tradition here at Sacred Heart that is over sixty years old. Be proud of that history, you helped build the continued foundation of SHG.

As you step away from SHG, think of your time here as part of a novel. It has chapters and it always progresses. Turn the page, enter the next step in your life with confidence knowing that you may always look back with happiness and pride.

Thank your parents, family and loved ones for all they have, and will, sacrifice to provide and care for you. They are your rock! May your future be filled with laughter, happiness, success, and God’ Love. May He watch over you and your loved ones always.

One last comment, please always remember to Smile, Share, and Make Good Decisions!

God’s Peace to You.

John W. Keeley - Very Proud Principal

Sacred Heart School

Smile, Share, Make Good Decisions!