By purchasing gift cards/certificate to your favorite food or retail chains from The Sacred Heart School of Glyndon Tuition Discounting Association (S.H.T.D.A.), you can reduce your tuition at no cost to you.  You can actually receive a credit of a percentage of your total purchases at the end of the fiscal year and have it applied to the following year's tuition.

What is the SCRIP program?  

SCRIP at The Sacred Heart School of Glyndon is a tuition discounting program.  It is a volunteer-run program in which families purchase gift cards/certificates through the school which are then used to shop at major grocery stores, retail stores and restaurants.  SHTDA purchases these gift cards/certificates through a distributor at a discount.  They are then sold to participating families at face value.  At the end of the program's fiscal year, January 31st, your account will receive a credit of a percentage of your purchases and have it applied to the following year's tuition.  Rebate percentage varies by retailer.

Are there restrictions on what can be purchased with the certificates?

Most retailers' gift cards/certificates are the same as cash; you can buy anything in the store that you would normally buy with a check, cash, or credit card.  However, there are some retailers that have certain restrictions.

What are the benefits of the program to The Sacred Heart School of Glyndon?

The Sacred Heart School of Glyndon itself does not benefit from the SCRIP program.  Any profit the program does make is used for its operating expenses and/or the General Tuition Assistance Fund.  The SHDTA has been successfully running the SCRIP program for over 10 years now, and many families have benefitted.  With some extra planning and getting others to participate under their account, some families have earned as much as $1,400 credited to their tuition.  Families who participate in SCRIP can encourage grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends to purchase gift cards/certificates through their SCRIP account.  The Sacred Heart School of Glyndon also maintains an account for families needing tuition assistance to which Sacred Heart parishioners and/or school families can designate the SCRIP credits if they do not have children enrolled at The Sacred Heart School of Glyndon.

Who can participate?

Registration for SCRIP is open to parents, grandparents, school association members and anyone in the Sacred Heart Church community who wishes to participate and designate the tuition account of a presently enrolled family, the General Tuition Assistance Fund or the 8th Grade Fund.

Who will run the program?

Under the leadership of the SCRIP Coordinator and the SCRIP Board, a team of volunteers will help make the SCRIP program work for all of us.  The program will demand lots of volunteer involvement in selling/collecting orders, processing orders, and distributing the orders.

How do I purchase SCRIP?

SCRIP orders are placed online through our distributor, Great Lakes Scrip. Log on to and create an online account. An enrollment code specific to Sacred Heart is needed in order to complete your registrations, so please reach out to the program coordinators, Colleen Geldmacher or Colleen Lawlor to receive this code. Once your online account is set up, please register for the presto-pay option for payment. Orders can be placed for both physical cards as well as e-gift cards. Many retailers also offer the option to re-load funds onto their cards.

Orders for physical cards must be placed by 8:00 am on Monday mornings. Cards will be sent home with your child on Thursdays. Please make sure your child's homeroom is up to date in your online account. During the summer, orders can be picked up in the parish office Thursday afternoon.

What if my child/children do not return to The Sacred Heart School of Glyndon?

There are three options if you are not using your SCRIP credit.

  1. You can give your credit to another participating SCRIP family to use toward their tuition.
  2. You can donate your credit to the General Tuition Assistance Fund
  3. You can donate your credit to the 8th Grade Fund.

Unused SCRIP credits will not be refunded to the Sacred Heart family.

Find out more!

If you have further questions, please contact Sacred Heart's SCRIP Coordinators, Colleen Geldmacher at,  or Colleen Lawlor at  If interested in volunteering, please contact the SCRIP Volunteer Coordinator, Colleen Geldmacher via email.