August 4, 2014

Communication Release from the Sacred Heart School Board:

I see from the last post on the Sacred Heart School website it has been since 2013 you have received a posting from the school board.  First, I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Wayne Coffey, the newly elected President of the Sacred Heart School Board.  I have had four (4) children attend and graduate from Sacred Heart School and I have a passion for catholic education.  I am committed to “Awaken a Sleeping Giant” which I call Sacred Heart School.  I was President of the school when we convinced the Archdiocese to allow us to expand the school and want to assist in bringing back our great legacy.  Know I realize the challenge due to demographics, naysayers and malaise, but I assure you I will provide a level of passion and dedication to turn around what has become a “slippery slope”.  To that end, Zac, our new principal and I have met and agree on a strategy of joy, passion and dedication to Catholic education.  I am proud of what the new administration has completed in such a short time.  When I became President, the student count was at 511 student’s, and as of this writing we are at 528 students!  Zac has met with the faculty, parents and board members to ascertain the concerns and opportunities we face and in the majority of cases, has met a dedicated group of people who want and believe in our school and want to propel it forward.  I firmly believe ATTITUDE determines our ALTITUDE and realize we must work together as a team to continue our momentum.

I have had an executive committee meeting to discuss our strategy and what the board’s responsibility should be moving forward. Know that the board has no responsibility for the Administration of the school, and all administrative questions should be addressed to the school administration.  I am very pleased that Pat McCusker, the principal of Franklin High School has answered the call by Monsignor Aiken to serve on the board.  His educational experience and passion for Catholic education (he had 2 children attend our school) is a great attribute for our board.

Zac, has advised we were able to expand our kindergarten to a third section; WOW, a great achievement!  He brought back Mrs. Kim Urrutia as the teacher for this third section. He also advised he brought back Mrs. Paula Somma as a teacher in the 7th grade life science and 8th grade chemistry and physics.

Zac has met with the faculty, staff and parents to discuss his vision and listened to their concerns and has expressed them with me and his strategy for “charting a new course”.

I also am pleased to announce Mr. Jim Sellinger (who was on our principal selection committee) was selected by Archbishop Lori to be the new Chancellor of the Baltimore Archdiocese Schools.  This is a new position, created to address the declining enrollment and the philosophy of creating a high quality Catholic education in order to perpetuate our faith and the education of our children.

I stand before you to let you know the only reason I took the job was my belief in, the children, parents, faculty and school board, whom I know want what an incredible school we all want to have.

My request from you, if I may, is to become active in the HSA of Sacred Heart School.

Thank you and God Bless!

-Wayne Coffey