Hot Lunch Program/How it Works

The management and staff of the Child Nutrition Program here at The Sacred Heart School Cafeteria are happy to have the opportunity to serve your children a school lunch.  In order to ensure that your child receives the best possible service, there are a few important reminders regarding payment and proper ordering of a hot lunch.

We have a new computerized Point of Sale (POS) system in our schools. What this means, is that parents can pay for their child’s lunch online and in advance.  Every student will have their own LUNCH ID #.  At the end of the lunch line, your child will punch in their ID# and will automatically deduct their lunch money from their account.  If you have two or more students attending the school, they each will have their own LUNCH ID#.  Please express to your child that this LUNCH ID number is NOT to be shared with others.  If there are additional charges to your child’s account, you will be responsible for the payment.

Students who wish to receive a hot lunch, need to sign up with their teachers in the morning.

  • Each day, there two lunch options - one changing entree and a hot dog offering.
  • Lunch costs $3.50 which includes a meat/meat alternative, grain, vegetable, fruit (students must take a fruit and/or vegetable) and choice of milk (1 % white or nonfat chocolate or strawberry).  Menus will be posted no later than the first of every month.

How to pay for lunch:

  • Parents may add money to their child's account by logging on to Power School, or checks may be sent into their homeroom teacher. 
  • Checks should be made payable to “Child Nutrition Program”, not the school.
  • Cash may also be sent into the homeroom teacher in the morning and the cafeteria staff will add it to your child's account
  • Cash will not be accepted at the cafeteria window!
  •  Note: if a student has forgotten his/her packed lunch and/or did not bring money to purchase hot lunch, they may still sign up for lunch that day and their account will be debited.

For additional information please follow this link- Child Nutrition Services

We look forward to seeing your children in the lunch line!

Jeanette Davis, Manager