The Sacred Heart School of GlyndonA Catholic, parish school of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

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Home School Association

Our Home School Association (HSA) is a great blessing to our community. This organization functions in a similar way that parent teacher associations function in other schools, but goes a step further in working hard to support and advance our school mission in many essential ways. In recent years, our parent volunteers leading this organization have spelled out the purpose and functions of our Home School Association.


The purpose of the Sacred Heart HSA is to support the mission of the school as an ancillary body to the Sacred Heart School Board, administration and faculty, and to act as a liaison for the parents and guardians of the school, helping to serve the needs of the Sacred Heart School community. The Sacred Heart HSA works in an advisory capacity, as requested, to other Sacred Heart organizations.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Sacred Heart HSA is to foster the development of a strong and cohesive school community committed to the highest standards of Catholic education for our children. The Sacred Heart HSA upholds the school’s mission of innovative academics, service to others, and spiritual preparation for a fulfilling life that follows in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

HSA Programs

The Sacred Heart HSA works to promote communication and increase support among the school community. The Sacred Heart HSA strives to serve effectively by establishing and maintaining the following programs:

  • An effective volunteer program drawing from all school community groups, which encourages participation in the educational process at all levels of involvement, recognizing the potential of every member of the school community to contribute. 
  • An active fundraising program which assists the school with financing for educational and student enrichment programs, as directed by the school administration, to a degree compatible with its resources. 
  • A social program which focuses on activities that foster fellowship among the members of the school community in an atmosphere that encourages the formation of friendships, exchange of ideas, and commitment to the Catholic education of our children.

The HSA is led by an HSA Board with six positions: president, two vice presidents, treasurer, a recording secretary, and a corresponding secretary. There are currently five  HSA meetings each year, run by this Board, with parents, faculty, and administration present. These are held in  September, November, January, March, and May, on Wednesday evenings. The HSA maintains literally dozens of committees which benefit the school in various capacities; these are all chaired by parents as well. HSA meetings include reports and updates from these committees about the great work they do to help our mission, our students, and our entire community. 

Current families, we encourage you to log in to our parent portal below and examine the many volunteer opportunities we have available, through the HSA leadership. Know that our faculty, administration, and staff greatly value your help, and we look forward to seeing you on campus.