Mrs. Jeanne Cossentino 

Mrs. Georgeann Gurkovich
Assistant Principal/Admissions Director

Mrs. Anne Purnell 
Assistant Principal - Middle School

Administrative Support Staff

Mrs. Jean Hunt  

Mrs. Mary Lee McCusker 
STAND Screening Coordinator

Mrs. Teresa Shaffrey 
Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Gina Darby 
Business Manager

Mrs. Helen Smith 
Records Manager

Ted Krammer 
Technology Manager


Mrs. Diana Schulz
Advancement Director

Mrs. Kathy Whitelock
Director, School & Parish Development

Cafeteria/Food Services

Ms. Edith Billups-Jones
Cafeteria Manager

Health Suite

Mrs. Linda Barber 
Health Room Assistant

Mrs. Julie Will, RN 
Part-time Nurse

Shannon Duffy, RN
Part-time Nurse

Intermediate Grades

Mrs. Lauren Malcotti
4th Grade Homeroom, 4th/5th Language Arts and Religion Teacher

Mrs. Ellen Robb
5th Grade Homeroom,  Science Teacher

Mrs. Maggie Kartanowicz
5th Grade Homeroom, 4th /5th Grade Math and Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Rebecca Potis 
4th Grade Homeroom, 4th/5th Grade Language Arts, and  4th /5th Grade Religion Teacher

Ms. Kere Shearer 
3rd/4th/5th Grade Teaching Assistant

Middle School

Mr. Alec Danz 
6th Grade Homeroom, 6th /7th /8th  Grade Math, and 6th / 8th Grade Religion Teacher

Ms. Grace Lennon 
7th Grade Homeroom, 6th / 7th Grade Language Arts, and 7th Grade Religion Teacher

Mrs. Lynn Fletcher
7th Grade Homeroom, 6th /7th Grade Language Arts, and 6th / 7th Grade Religion Teacher

Ms. Molly Wheltle
6th Grade Homeroom, and  Reading Specialist

Mr. Patrick O'Hara
7th Grade Homeroom, 7th / 8th Grade Science Teacher

Mrs. Lynda Rodgers 
7th / 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Mrs. Donna Russell 
6th / 8th Grade Language Arts, and 6th Grade Religion Teacher

Mrs. Tricia Morano 
Middle School Administrative Assistant, Teaching Assistant

Ms. Victoria Chester
8th Grade Homeroom, 6th / 8th Grade  Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Susan Surine  
8th Grade Homeroom, 6th /7th / 8th Grade Math, and 8th Grade Religion Teacher

Mr. David Carlisle
8th Grade Homeroom, 6th/7th/8th Grade Math Teacher
Mrs. Ann Wheeler 
6th Grade Homeroom, 6th Grade Science, 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher


Mrs. Nisachol Sykes 
Pre-kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Shari Fiorino 
Pre-kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Andrea John 
Pre-kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Kim Zaccagnini 
Pre-kindergarten Teacher

Primary Grades

Mrs. Susan Madden 
1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Meg Zaba 
1st Grade Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Theresa Burtis
Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Ms. Maggie O'Meally 
1st Grade Teacher

Mrs. Tammy Gronert 
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Brigid Klein 
3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Tina Kleb
Kindergarten Teaching Assistant

Ms. Christina Torres
3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Kristen Brink  
1st Grade Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Natalie Petro
2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer Seidel
2nd Grade Teaching Assistant; Mrs. Petro in a.m., all second grade in p.m.

Mrs. Kim Urrutia 
Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Teri Vining  
2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher

Sr. Karen Washabaugh 
2nd Grade Teaching Assistant; Ms. Vining in the a.m.

Resource Programs

Ms. Molly Wheltle
Reading Specialist

Mrs. Lauren Noll 
Resource Teacher

Mrs. Kathleen Russo-Garcia 
Guidance Counselor

Special Area Classes

Mrs. Katie Angerer 
Music Teacher  

Mr. Donald Kus
Gym Instructor

Mrs. Laurel Enoch
Director of Academic Technology: Computer Instructor (Grades 3-4), Librarian (Pre-k through Grade 5)

Mrs. Chris Smith
Art Teacher

Mrs. Ana Trujillo 
Spanish Kindergarten through 8th Grade