The Sacred Heart School of GlyndonA Catholic, parish school of the Archdiocese of Baltimore

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Catholic Identity and Christian Service

May Crowning
Monsignor Aiken
1st Communion
At the Sacred Heart School of Glyndon, we are excited about our Catholic identity!

At the core of our faith, we believe that Jesus Christ came to save us, taught us how to be fully alive, and taught us how to fully love, matching the deepest desire of our hearts. As a result of this, our work calls us to help everyone in our community, adults and children, grow in a personal relationship with our Lord, and indeed we are explicitly charged with this task in our strategic plan.

The call to grow in love is never exclusive or closed inward, but is instead the inclusive desire to help all know and value the love of God. Our school consists of 77% parishioner families, and 23% non-parishioner families, showing a great religious diversity that we greatly value.

We embody our Catholic identity in a great variety of ways. Our schools days begin and end with school-wide prayer. Our classes also begin with prayer. We celebrate our faith and learn more about this faith in daily religion classes. Students in grades one through eight have prayer partners; in this relationship, a student in an older grade partners with a student in a younger grade to help them in a great variety of ways. Our prayer partners sit together for our school masses, held once a month, and also for our school rosaries, which we pray together twice a month. Also, each month, some of our classes visit our parish 9:00 daily mass, going as prayer partners as well. Our students often talk about loving getting to see their prayer partners! We are blessed to offer school Reconciliation services for all students in grades three through eight in both Advent and Lent as well.

As our mission and motto call us to, founded in our Christian faith, love is meant to be shared, and this belief guides our Christian service programs. Most importantly, our children take on many daily ways of serving our community, such as helping with morning announcements or flag raising, cleaning up lunch tables, or helping teachers clean their rooms at the end of the day. Programmatically, our school reserves an entire academic day for our Thanksgiving Day of Service, where our entire student body collects food and engages in work to help those in need in our Baltimore community. Our school, with tremendous parent volunteerism and support, engages in a great deal of drives, collecting everything from school supplies, to coats, to toys, to entire Christmases with our adopt-a-family efforts. Our 8th grade participates in a day of service and a retreat prior to graduating, and our strategic plan calls us to grow these service and retreat opportunities for other students as well.

To take seriously the call to Catholic identity and Christian service is to give these essential components of our identity time and attention in our daily lives and in our school calendar, and we are thrilled that this is a core element of who we are.