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7th Grader language arts students engage in "Exploratory Hour"
by Sacred Heart - Published on 1/17/2017 9:00 AM

Miss Dodge’s class took part in a new project during Language Arts called the “Genius Hour”, which has become very popular in schools across the country. Middle School Assistant Principal, Mrs. Anne Purnell, asked Miss Dodge to pilot a similar program this year with her 7th grade class. At SHG, we call it “Exploratory Hour”. Basically, the students have been working on passion projects – anything that they love or wanted to learn more about – for most of the year. They all needed to create a final product and give a presentation on their process. Exploratory Hour took place for one hour each week during the Language Arts block period. During that hour, students worked independently or in their chosen groups, brought in necessary materials, and got to work. There was such a great variety of chosen projects and Miss Dodge was thrilled with the final products! Class presentations continue this week and next. This is a very unique opportunity for these students to take ownership of their learning and create their own projects, all driven by their choice, interests, and research.

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